Mississauga Nationhood Dinner and Information Night

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Ndi wiidsemaag ndanwendaagnag omaa Michi Saagiig. Ndi aapto maadmin kinaa gaa zhiwebak minwaa niw wiidmaagewnan, minwaa niw mno bmaadziwin, minwaa iw giigdowin. Maanoo gi mskowziiyang, minwaa gi gnwedamang nake ezhi bmaadziyang ge gi miindwaa giw ebi yaawad.
(Translation by Mary Alice Taylor, Curve Lake First Nation)

We the Michi Saagiig walk together with our ancestors as one Nation. Through our collective efforts we ensure our shared history, stories, ceremonies, culture, language and values remain strong, resilient and preserved for our Nation and future generations. (Mississauga Nation Chiefs, May 30, 2019)

Interested in learning more about Mississauga Nationhood and what it means to each of us?
Interested in having a say on what you want to see for our people in the future?
ALL Citizens, Seniors, Elders, and our youth are invited to join us for a delicious dinner and information night!
When: February 27th 2020
Where: Administration Building Lower Hall
Time: 5:30 – 9PM
Please sign up with Donna Paudash (705-295-4421) or Tom Cowie (705-295-7773) so that we know how much food to order for this event.