Comprehensive Community Plan

What is a Comprehensive Community Plan?

  • A Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) is a Hiawatha citizen-led approach to planning where the process is driven and owned by all rather than Council, a small group or committee.
  • A CCP is a holistic process enabling all of us to build a roadmap to sustainability, self-sufficiency and improved governance.
  • A CCP enables Hiawatha to establish a vision for our future and implement projects to achieve this vision.
  • A CCP helps to ensure projects and programs are thought through, make sense and are the best use of resources.
  • A CCP integrates and links all other plans Hiawatha has produced.

What are the Benefits of a CCP?

An effective CCP can:

  • Empower our Nation
  • Improve performance by leading to better decision-making, efficient use of resources and solving organizational problems
  • Build teamwork and expertise through improved communication, better managerial/staff skills and capacity building
  • Coordinate future development by identifying the Nation’s priorities
  • Celebrate traditional cultural values and practices 
  • Promote healing and reconciliation
  • Create economic opportunities 
  • Protect valuable and vulnerable areas

Many First Nations across Canada have embarked on creating a Comprehensive Community Plan.

Do you want to know more? Click on the links below to view the CCP Handbook, Hiawatha Info Sheet and the plans other First Nations have created:

An invitation is being extended to all Hiawatha members! The CCP process need you! A committee of members will be formed. The objective of the CCP Committee will be to guide the process, be a sounding board and provide valuable insight as the community identifies priorities and the vision for the Comprehensive Community Plan! We expect the committee will be meeting every other month. The committee will be comprised of 5-7 individuals from different interests in the Hiawatha Community. This is a volunteer position, one that we hope will bring you lots of joy and encouragement as you help to shape Hiawatha’s future! Please contact for more information and/or to put your name forward. Megwetch!

Also, take part in the CCP Idea Contest! If you have an idea of how to get the community involved, fill out the contest sheet and email it to us for a chance to win a $50 Tim Horton’s gift card!

Contact Information

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