Comprehensive Community Plan

What is a Comprehensive Community Plan?

  • A Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) is a Hiawatha citizen-led approach to planning where the process is driven and owned by all rather than Council, a small group or committee.
  • A CCP is a holistic process enabling all of us to build a roadmap to sustainability, self-sufficiency and improved governance.
  • A CCP enables Hiawatha to establish a vision for our future and implement projects to achieve this vision.
  • A CCP helps to ensure projects and programs are thought through, make sense and are the best use of resources.
  • A CCP integrates and links all other plans Hiawatha has produced.


What are the Benefits of a CCP?

An effective CCP can:

  • Empower our Nation
  • Improve performance by leading to better decision-making, efficient use of resources and solving organizational problems
  • Build teamwork and expertise through improved communication, better managerial/staff skills and capacity building
  • Coordinate future development by identifying the Nation’s priorities
  • Celebrate traditional cultural values and practices 
  • Promote healing and reconciliation
  • Create economic opportunities 
  • Protect valuable and vulnerable areas

Many First Nations across Canada have embarked on creating a Comprehensive Community Plan.

Do you want to know more? Click on the links below to view the CCP Handbook and the plans other First Nations have created:

Stay tuned for more information about forming a CCP committee, community planning meetings, and so much more!

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