Health & Social Services

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L.I.F.E. Services Centre

Life Building

What does L.I.F.E. mean? Lasting Individual Family Enrichment.  

Located at 431 Hiawatha Line 10, the building was established and opened in 1999. The L.I.F.E. Services Centre is home to Health and Social Programs for Hiawatha First Nation, the community’s Child Care Centre, as well as showcasing the War Memorial Monument to honor our community members who have served. It also houses the Elders Room, where community Elders can come sit, meet and relax in a comfortable setting.

Please call main reception at (705) 295-4421 if you have any questions regarding the L.I.F.E. Centre, Child Care or any of the following programs offered here.

Hiawatha Life Services Logo

Director of Health & Social Services

  • Link between program funding, Council & Staff
  • Fasting Camps
  • Traditional Teachings
  • Mental Health Services

Tina Howard
Director of Health & Social Services
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 405



Health & Social Services Manager

The Executive Assistant to the Health and Social Services Manager is the first point of contact for incoming communication with the Health and Social Services department (email, mail and in person).  Responsibilities include:  

  • Organizing meetings and preparing required information
  • Attending meetings when requested and providing minutes when requested
  • Preparing correspondence
  • Maintaining, monitoring, approving and reporting on staff attendance and flex time;
  • Preparing financial requisition forms and disseminate and review financial reporting when required
  • Reading and analyzing incoming memos, submissions, and distributing them as needed;
  • Maintaining paper and electronic filing systems
  • Liaising with other First Nations, government agencies, funders and other external stakeholders
  • Researching new funding opportunities, liaising with funders and creating proposals
  • Support in identifying and organizing Health and Social Services staff training as required
  • Orientation of new staff or service providers to administrative requirements
  • Monitor staff events calendar
  • Develop, monitor and maintain health and social services program reporting calendar
  • Ensuring all budget reports for health and social services staff are submitted correctly and on time
  • Working with Health and Social Services staff to manage budgets
  • Provide programming or program supports as delegated
  • Representing HFN as per HSSM delegation

Health & Social Services Manager
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 406



Social Services Administrator

  • Homemaking Program
  • Social Assistance/Ontario Works
  • Federal Family Violence Initiative
  • National Child Benefit Reinvestment Initiative
  • Federal Disability Initiative
  • Dance Outfit Making

Emily Wood
Social Services Administrator
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 407



Child Wellness Promotion Worker

  • Information and Awareness Nights and Workshops
  • Recreational Family & Youth Activities
  • Community Youth Centre
  • Local Agency Networking
  • Assistance and Advocacy with Respect to Child Protection Matters (working with Kawartha Haliburton Children’s Aid Society)

Lindsay Allen
Child Wellness Promotion Worker
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 222



Liberty Boyce
Child Wellness Promotion Worker
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 222



Community Support Worker

Through the Aboriginal Healing and Wellness, Brighter Futures and Building Healthy Communities Programs we are able to provide family violence services, referrals, support and case management to clients to address existing and emerging health, healing and wellness as well supports and encourages the healthy growth and development of children and their families. Organizes and facilitate’s community activities such as: Community Kitchen, The Grey Squirrels,Men’s Group, Men’s Kitchen, Nannies and the YMCA Program.

  • Support for traditional ceremonies
  • Peer support and counseling
  • Provide advocacy for services, ie: Housing, Court , CAS
  • Help clients with paperwork: court ordered, support payments, S.I.N., Birth Certificates etc.
  • Referring clients to outside and Aboriginal Agencies for additional supports
  • Attend appointments or home visits with clients/provide transportation when required

Kelli Lackey
Community Support Worker
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 223



Healthy Lifestyles Worker

  • The Wellness Building located at 123 Paudash Street is where you can find my office.
  • One-on-one peer support for emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing (What is “peer support”? Broadly defined, “peer support” refers to a process through which people who share common experiences or face similar challenges come together as equals to give and receive help based on the knowledge that comes through shared experience (Riessman, 1989).)
  • Co-ordinate community events and gatherings that incorporate a learning component about additions, substance use, and/or harm reduction. (Example; Cannabis Education and Awareness Golf Tournament, Sobriety Circle, Etc.)
  • Support individuals with connecting to external services that meet their overall needs, including emotional, social, physical and spiritual. (Example; addictions treatment, counselling, etc.)
  • Provide prevention & harm reduction education programming to youth in the community through monthly Healthy Lifestyle Youth Nights.
  • Offer support and transportation for individuals who need access to addiction support services, in accordance to Hiawatha FN transportation policy.

Healthy Lifestyles Worker
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 413



Community Health Representative

All coverage for members through Non Insured Health Benefits have guidelines/criteria set out by First Nation & Inuit Health, such as limited use prescription medication and getting approval for such medications, funding limits on eyeglasses and dental work.

All Non Insured Health Benefits (General Information & Questions – 1-800-640-0642)

  • Medical Travel (local & long distance)
  • Eyeglasses
  • Dental – (1-888-283-8885) – Orthodontics – (1-866-227-0943)
  • Prescription Medication
  • Short Term Crisis Intervention Mental Health Counselling
  • Medical Supplies & Equipment (thru NIHB program)
  • Assist with reimbursements and appeals where applicable

Other areas/programs for CHR:

  • First Aid/CPR course
  • Annual Rabies Clinic
  • Injury Prevention Initiatives (include programs with HFN police such as Bike Rodeo)
  • Any questions regarding fitness centre & trainers
  • Diabetes Education – (SOADI – 705-527-1560)
  • HIV/AIDS Education
  • Youth Sexual Health Fair
  • Foot Care Clinics

Lynn Wilford
Community Health Representative
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 409



Community Health Nurse

  • Provide Community Health Nursing programs and services to the community.
  • Provide resources or referrals when necessary.
  • Provide office or home visits for preventative health care to all members.
  • Conduct assessments in conjunction with the Home and Community Care Program.
  • Conduct after care services when required.
  • Provide health promotion and injury prevention workshops.
  • Organize family focused community health clinics.
  • Provide communicable disease information and immunizations to the community.
  • Provide pre-natal and post-natal services with the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program

For a complete listing of health agencies and services within Peterborough County, click on the directory below.

Peterborough Health Services Directory PDF

Lisa Fournier
Registered Nurse
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 418



Wholistic Health Coordinator

Aboriginal Healthy Babies/Healthy Children:

  • Aboriginal families with children prenatal to 6 years of age
  • Home visits – monthly basis or when requested
  • Intake and information gathering of families
  • Development of a family support (if needed)
  • Provide information and education to the family
  • Record baby’s weight at every visit
  • Service coordination and referrals (when needed)
  • Aboriginal cultural approaches will be reflected or used as a part of the activities

Mental Health:

The focus of the Mental Health Program is: At-risk or high-risk children/youth and their families.

  • Making referrals to specialist or other appropriate programs
  • Provide Traditional participant-based activities/Workshops
  • Provide youth with education on bulling, self-esteem, anxiety, eating disorder and body image
  • Provide peer counselling

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder:

  • Awareness and Prevention: Increase community awareness of how FASD affects the person, the family and the community
  • Any client diagnosed with FASD will have wholistic care within the community
  • Linking programs with Hiawatha First Nation, other First Nations and urban organizations that deal with FASD
  • Providing the community with the importance of proper childhood nutrition during community kitchens
  • To provide the community with FASD information at community events.(health topic)
  • Making referrals to specialist or other appropriate programmes
  • To hold a FASD Dinner and Speaker once a year
  • To provide our Youth with a presentation on FASD

Early Childhood Development:

  • Programs/services are focused on children 0-6
  • Supporting parents with children 0-6
  • Teach about the importance of healthy foods
  • Supports the role of parents and family as primary teachers and care-givers, helps to strengthen parenting skills and knowledge
  • Home visits – Once a month or when requested
  • Activities to encourage family interaction, literacy, child development
  • Provide support to children and families affected by FASD
  • Provide education on awareness of alcohol during pregnancy
  • Linking with the Community Nurse for support

Debbie Howard
Wholistic Health Coordinator
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 411



Outreach Worker

  • One-on-one peer support for emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing (What is “peer support”? Broadly defined, “peer support” refers to a process through which people who share common experiences or face similar challenges come together as equals to give and receive help based on the knowledge that comes through shared experience (Riessman, 1989).)
  • Lands based healing initiatives to promote well being through cultural workshops/ceremonies (full moon, drumming circles, tea on the land etc)
  • Community events and social gatherings that incorporate traditional knowledge and practices for all community members, such as the Seven Grandfathers Awards and Gala, International Overdose Awareness Day, World Mental Health Day etc.
  • Provide Traditional participant-based activities/workshops such as crafts, painting, physical activity etc
  • This position will work closely with the Cultural Coordinator offering various cultural workshops and programming, as well as, providing support for members and families
  • The Wellness Building located at 123 Paudash Street has on-site counseling services one day per week, with a registered Psychotherapist  through referral by appointment. Should on-site counseling services be unavailable, any member of the Health Services team can assist locating you to an outside agency. Please keep in mind sourcing NIHB providers for counselling can have wait lists and may take some time.

Dawn Ewing
Outreach Worker
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 408



Family Enhancement

The Family Enhancement Worker is an advocate for children, youth and families from Hiawatha, no matter where they live.  Members have the right to support and advocacy from your First Nation’s Family Enhancement Worker/Band Representative.

The Family Enhancement Worker is the First Nation’s Band Representative and must be contacted on all child welfare matters involving Hiawatha First Nation Citizens.  If the Family Enhancement Worker is not available, Health and Social Services Manager Tina Howard must be contacted and if she is not available, Chief Laurie Carr must be contacted. 

The Family Enhancement Worker provides:

  • Community based, culturally appropriate support services to individuals, families and groups i.e. Parent education programs, family enhancement/preservation supports, cultural and traditional supports, in-home supports;
  • Services designed to keep families together and children in their own homes;
  • Advocating for and making appropriate referrals for needed client services and supports;
  • Complete internal risk assessments, assessments of needs, formulate and develop support plans for children and families;
  • Plan and facilitate mental health and wellness programming;
  • Providing case management and integration of service delivery with L.I.F.E. Services team and other relevant sectors for legal, medical, financial assistance, child care services, transportation, housing, employment, etc.;
  • Developing and implementing repatriation and reunification services for children and youth in care with their families and communities, including support for youth transitioning out of the child welfare system;
  • Be the liaison with all internal/external support plan partner services and agencies;
  • Attend all child welfare matters to determine the best possible care for the child;
  • Representative for Hiawatha First Nation at Kaandossiwin Committee

Jessica St. Peter
Family Enchancement Worker
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 412



Family Wellbeing

Your family well-being coordinator is responsible for providing family support services, including but not limited to, system navigation of outside resources, and referrals for counselling, along with one-on-one peer support for emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. The program also includes:

  • Intensive Home Support Program
  • Budgeting Support
  • Grief Recovery Support upon request
  • Land-based Healing Initiatives
  • Community events and social gatherings targeted for families that incorporate traditional knowledge and practices for all community members, like the Seven Grandfathers Awards
  • Facilitation of Community Garden, this is for citizens to help and support with preparing planting and taking care of community garden.
  • Facilitation of regalia support

Christa Lewis
Family Wellbeing Coordinator
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 413



Cultural Coordinator


Jill Stevens
Cultural Coordinator
Phone: 705-295-4421 Ext. 410



Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child & Family Services

  • Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child & Family Services is a multi-service Indigenous wellbeing agency, providing a stable foundation for children, youth, and families, through wraparound services that are culturally-based and family-focused.

Phone:  705-295-7135