Elected Council

Elected Officials 2021-2023



  •  Chief Laurie Carr
  • Clan: Crane
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Core Consultation, Policing, Repatriation, Media & Public Relations, Legal/Financial Matters, Political Matters, Williams Treaty/Herold Estate and other Treaty, Relations, Cell Tower, DBCFS, AIAI
  • Email: chiefcarr@hiawathafn.ca



  • Councillor Kirk Edwards
  • Clan: Loon
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Communications, Citizenship
  • Email: hfncouncilloredwards@gmail.com

Cynthia Gray-Brady

  • Councillor Cynthia Gray-Brady
  • Clan: Bear
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Education, Family Enhancement Work, Family Wellbeing, Employment and Training, Cultural Resource/Advisor, Outreach Worker, Healthy Alternatives Lifestyle Worker, Cannabis Education and Awareness Worker
  • Email: hfncouncillorgray@gmail.com

  • Councillor Kayla Howard
  • Clan: Marten
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Lands, Economic Development, CORDA, Housing, CEDI, Seniors Housing Committee
  • Email: hfncouncillorhoward@gmail.com


  • Councillor Jeff Loucks
  • Clan: Fish
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Economic Development Corporation, Serpent Mounds, Old Railroad Stop, Capital, Infrastructure & Public Works, ATR, Hiawatha Tent & Trailer Park, BNW Trust, Land Code
  • Email: jsloucks@bell.net


  • Councillor Kathryn Wilson
  • Clan: Deer and other hooved ones
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Community Health Representative, Child Wellness Prevention Worker, Wholistic Health Coordinator, Social Services Administrator, Community Support Worker, Community Health Nurse, Child Care, Board of Health, AIAI-Health & Social Advisory Board
  • Email: hfncouncillorwilson@gmail.com