Employment & Training Services

Hiawatha First Nation is an LDM provider through – Kagita Mikam

WHAT WE DO: Provide employment opportunities and employment skills development to Citizens.

  • We help registered clients seeking training to meet their career goals by matching their training needs with qualified training organization
  • We help registered clients who seek employment opportunities by matching their employment goals with qualified employers.

Through Kagita Mikam – Hiawatha First Nation can provide funded programs such as:

Certain eligibility criteria apply to the programs

Getting Started

1. Register as a client. Select Hiawatha for your EDO.  Once the form is completed, press SUBMIT.

2. If applying for student / purchase of training funding, email all documents on this checklist to

3. Frequently Asked Questions.

4. Examples of documents that must be submitted with a student / purchase of training application.

Employment Resource Site

The Employment Resource Site (formerly known as the Community Access Program/CAP Site) is located within the Administration Office in Hiawatha First Nation. Clients and community Citizens are welcome to come in and use the 2 computer stations for online job search; develop or update your resume.

Let us know you’re coming!

Job Boards

Employment & Training Services receives current job opportunities on the First Nation, other First Nations and Organizations in the local area. Clients and Citizens are welcome to come and have a look at the Employment Opportunities. Boards are located at the Administration Office in the Employment Resource Room.

Employment & Training Officer