Public Works

Public Works Department

  • Maintenance of Public Buildings
  • Maintenance of Tent & Trailer Park
  • Maintenance of Ball Diamond and Cemetery
  • Maintain Garbage and Recycling Program for community
  • Snow plowing and sanding

Water Operations

The long term goal is to promote health, quality of life and safety through a water source protection plan and policy; Ensure that Hiawatha First Nation protects and maintains a good clean quality water for its future generations while adhering to Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act (2013)

  • Sample, test and interpret drinking water quality in: distribution systems with five or more connections, and/or cisterns, and/or wells.
  • Promote the importance of safe drinking water through the development and delivery of educational materials that increase public awareness and knowledge.
  • Build Hiawatha First Nation capacity through community-based drinking water quality monitoring programs.
  • Reduce public health risks associated with water contamination, waterborne illnesses and outbreaks through a coordinated compliance reporting regime.
  • Communicate and answer safe drinking water questions posed by the community or public.
  • Aid in the set up and commissioning of any future Water Facility and to learn proper procedures for recording data from the continuous monitoring equipment of SCADA system.
  • Create a database in which to record the daily readings and testing results from the continuous monitoring equipment and manual daily water quality tests.
  • Assist in the development of a Standard Operating Procedures Manual for future Community Water Facilities.
  • Aid in the development and implementation of a Maintenance Plant and operational budget for any future Community Water Facility.
  • Participate in the planning process for integrating any future Community Water Treatment System with existing water distribution system.
  • Maintain and monitor the existing 20,000 gallon reservoir and water distribution system.
  • Survey and record information of the existing waste water collection and treatment facilities.
  • Offer insight in the best practices for repairing or decommissioning the existing wells, wastewater collection and treatment facilities.
  • Remain current with all Acts, Procedures, and Regulations that pertain to water and wastewater quality, future treatment and distribution systems.
  • Study and report on Source Water Protection related issues. Provide recommendations to best manage the issues related to Source Water Protection.
  • Ensure that all Occupational Health and Safety Policy are enforced in relation to all community owned water and wastewater facilities.