Fibre Optic Internet FAQ

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Attention Hiawatha First Nation Residents
In anticipation of the Fibre Optic Project, please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

What is the benefit of fibre optic service?

Fibre Optic service is the fastest, most reliable method of receiving telecommunications services today. With this technology, Nexicom will be able to easily upgrade the service within the Hiawatha footprint almost to infinity thus ensuring that as demand grows, the plant is capable of handling the demand.

How is this project being funded?

Nexicom has received partial Government funding for this project which will cover approximately 25% of the total cost and Nexicom will be funding the remainder.

Is Hiawatha communicating directly with residents for fibre optic installation?

No, Nexicom and their contractor, Spring Grove will work directly with all residents.

When will Nexicom or Spring Grove get in touch with us?

In the coming weeks, a piece of marketing will be placed on your door to notify you that work will begin soon.

What will happen next?

Contractors will begin to mark your property with a white line. This is to show where they are planning to make the service connection at your home. You will also receive another piece of marketing on your door explaining locates being done at your home, and the fibre installation process.

How do I schedule my fibre installation?

When Nexicom is ready to make the final connection to your home, you will receive a 3rd piece of marketing on your door. This will notify you that it is time to schedule an appointment, and will include the contact information.

Will an exterior hook-up to my home be made regardless of whether I decide to subscribe to fibre high-speed service?

Yes. As long as the Home Owner does not opt out or decline access to their property.

What if I do not want an exterior hook up to be made?

You will need to notify the contractor when you receive the door knocker.

Will I have to pay more for fibre service?

The only time that Home Owners will be required to pay more is if they select higher speeds for Internet or different packages of other services during the migration.

Who do I reach out to if I have further questions?

Nexicom’s friendly Customer Service Representatives are ready to answer any questions you may have. They can be reached at 705-295-6394.

Do I need special equipment to use fibre internet?

No special equipment is required by the Resident. Nexicom will be installing a new box on the outside of your residence and a new box inside your residence, at time of installation. Both are provided at no cost, by Nexicom.

What speeds can I expect?

Currently we have packages from 15Mbps by 15Mbps up to 1000Mbps by 150Mbps. With this technology, the speeds you are capable of attaining should be very close to the speeds included in your selected package.

Do I pay for the exterior hook up?

There is no cost for the exterior hook up or the installation.

What will the monthly service cost?

This will depend on the packages you select. More details are available at

Are there installation fees?

There is no cost for the exterior hook up or the installation.

How will the construction impact my property?

For the resident properties, the duct will be “stitched” under the surface of the yard. This method lifts the grass up to create a space for the duct to tuck into. The grass and soil is then tamped down. Yards are periodically reviewed during construction and restoration will occur as needed.

How will the construction impact our roads? Will there be any open trenching or damage to the roads?

All of our drilling work will be completed in the easement between the edge of a road and the edge of the resident’s property. In this way, no roads should be impacted by our Construction. If any road is damaged as a direct result of our construction project, we will repair and all attempts will be made to return to found state.

When will my service be connected?

Our goal is to have all services connected by March 31, 2023.

Do you still need a phone line with fibre?

Yes, at this time, we still require that the Resident have a phone line with fibre connectivity.