Hiawatha First Nation Stands With Ukraine

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As the world watched in horror and shame, Russia invaded the country of Ukraine. The people of Ukraine once again must defend their freedom and fight for their land, their home, their way of life, their culture and their traditions. Although the fighting itself is different, it’s a struggle well known to all Indigenous Peoples.

Hiawatha First Nation stands with the people of Ukraine in the fight for their democracy. We support the sanctions taken by Canada and other Nations around the world in response to Russia’s illegal, immoral and unjust attempt to seize Ukraine.

It’s imperative we let the people of Ukraine know they are not alone. We ask you to lay down your tobacco, say your prayers, smoke your pipes and participate in ceremony for Ukraine and its people as they struggle, against all odds, to defend their land and waters.

Other ways to support the people of Ukraine:

Donation to Red Cross:

Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal – Canadian Red Cross


Learn about what is occurring in Ukraine and share what you are learning.

HFN Chief and Council