Patience and Civility Reminder

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To:      Hiawatha Citizens
From: Hiawatha FIrst Nation (HFN) Council
Date:   August 22, 2019
Re:       Patience and Civility Reminder

In our first Notice dated August 19, 2019 we addressed the recent events occurring with respect to a construction project on CP Lands – 829 Hiawatha Line.

We also addressed some disturbing incidents that had occurred. It was brought to our attention that there are still disturbing incidents occurring, including a picture which has one of Hiawatha’s young Citizens (under 2 years of age) in it being shared on social media. We ask that you please be respectful of your use of social media, and especially in regards to our young Citizens – at this age they do not understand the situation and this is hurtful to the family and Community.

We wish to remind everybody that we are a strong Nation who stands by our Vision Statement and the Seven Grandfather teachings, and should only deal with each other in a calm and respectful manner.

As we continue to investigate this construction project we ask for your continuing patience and civility. We understand that there are varying opinions and we are willing to hear from our Citizens with your views and concerns on either side of this topic. We value the opinions of all of our Citizens and will continue to use these opinions to help us make decisions in the collective interests of our Nation.

Respectfully and Miigwetch,

HFN Council

“We, the Mississaugi of Hiawatha First Nation, are a vibrant, proud, independent and healthy people balanced in the richness of our culture and traditional way of life.”

Seven Grandfather Teachings:
Wisdom/Nbwaakaawin  Love/Zaagidiwin  Respect/Mnaadendamowin  Bravery/Aakdehewin  Honesty/Gwekwaaziwin  Humility/Dbadendizwin  Truth/Debwewin