Employment Opportunities with Hiawatha

Healthy Lifestyles Worker

Other Employment Opportunities

Community Developer – Kagita Mikam Aboriginal Employment & Training
Indigenous Mental Health Outreach Worker – Durham Mental Health Services
Careers – Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child & Family Services
Administrative Positions – Indigenous Services Canada
Indigenous Opportunities – Ontario Power Generation

Employment & Training Services

The Employment & Training Services Program is operated within the Economic Development Unit within Hiawatha First Nation.  Programs and services are designed to access funds and operate the programs that will provide employment opportunities and employment skills development to the membership.

Student Summer Employment Program

The program offers employment opportunities for early work experience to the Hiawatha First Nation youth through the summer months which allows the first time employees to gain early work experience and develop good work ethics, as well as, develop or enhance employability skills of return student summer employees.

Employment Resource Site 

The Employment Resource Site (formerly known as the Community Access Program/CAP Site) is located within the Administration Office in Hiawatha First Nation. Clients and community citizens are welcome to come in and use the 2 Computer stations for on-line job search; resume development or update and request assistance with applying to Kagita Mikam – our Local Delivery Mechanism (LDM) for funded programs such as:

  • Purchase of Training
  • Targeted Wage Subsidy Program
  • Resume Development/Job Search Preparation
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Job Creation
  • Summer Youth Initiative

Certain eligibility criteria apply to the programs.

Job Boards

Employment & Training Services receives current job opportunities on the First Nation, other First Nations and Organizations in the local area. Clients and Citizens are welcome to come and have a look at the Employment Opportunities. Boards are located at the front office in the Administration Office and at the Employment Resource – Computer station.

Contact Information

Zach Friar
Human Resources Officer
Hiawatha Administration Office
123 Paudash St.
Hiawatha, ON. K9J 0E6
Phone: (705) 295-4421 Ext 15
Fax: (705) 295-4424
Email: hr@hiawathafn.ca

Loni Thomson
Employment & Training Services Officer
Hiawatha Administration Office
123 Paudash St.
Hiawatha, ON. K9J 0E6
Phone: (705) 295-4421 Ext 10
Fax: (705) 295-4424
Email: employment@hiawathafn.ca