Project Update

In 2016 there was an official announcement that Hiawatha First Nation had been approved for $5.4M through the Small Communities Fund Program (SCF) for a water treatment plan.  The Federal government will contribute $1.8M, the Provincial government will contribute $1.8M and Hiawatha was successful in lobbying Indigenous Services Canada to cover HFN’s portion which was also $1.8M. It was discovered that this would give HFN a treatment plant with approximately 3km of main.  A plan to have small de-centralized systems throughout our First Nation was put forward to the SCF, as that would best suit our water needs here in Hiawatha.  SCF agreed to the scope of work change and we are currently finalizing a terms of reference for a professional project manager.

Hiawatha First Nation Kinibeaminan Water Assessment 2014-03-06