Water System Project

Progress Report

April 2019 – We are pleased to announce the Project Team has evaluated both the technical merit and proposed bid budgets associated with selection of an Engineering Design consultant for Hiawatha’s Water and Well Systems upgrade project. Upon completion of the review, the project was awarded to ARCADIS Design and Consultancy. The recommendation to Council on the selection of ARCADIS was presented during the April 17th Council Meeting.

ARCADIS has undertaken a number of water distribution and treatment system projects including the design of Alderville’s well system. ARCADIS is also currently in the preliminary design stage of projects with Batchewana First Nation and the Mississaugas’ of New Credit. Both communities were contacted and we received positive feedback concerning ARCADIS’s work. The Ogemawahj Tribal Council also verified ARCADIS employed a high level of respect and due diligence in carrying out their work in Alderville.

In the coming weeks a Project Kick-off meeting and Risk Assessment session will take place in the community, as well as review all of the existing information and studies previously conducted on Hiawatha’s water and well systems. This will be followed by community consultation sessions which will allow the Design consultant to receive feedback from individual homeowners and begin compiling a condition assessment of the current well systems, for those wishing to participate in this well upgrade project. Condition assessments will be a combination of water quality and testing and may vary from well to well based on the well’s previous state.

Condition assessment findings as well as the results of the community consultation sessions will be incorporated into the preliminary design for HFN’s well system. Based on the recommendations of previous studies, it is preferred that the overall solution be a combination of both new decentralized communal systems and individual well systems upgrades, with integrated POE (Point of Entry), water treatment applications.

Watch for more updates and critical community consultation meeting dates in the coming weeks.

Hiawatha First Nation Kinibeaminan Water Assessment 2014-03-06